Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm here, I'm here!!!

On January 17th, my last prenatal appointment, I was scheduled to be induced. I was given specific instructions to go to the hospital on Tuesday, January 31st at 6:30 p.m. if I hadn’t naturally started labor by the 24th. I assume you were very comfortable in mommy’s belly because you made it past your due date. However, on the 31st I began feeling the stronger contractions and they were closer together than they had been. 

A little nervous, scared and not knowing exactly what to expect mommy made it to the hospital accompanied by daddy and grandma. We checked in at about 10:30 a.m. and I was kept because my blood pressure was too high.  After a while I was taken to the birthing room where I was induced.  I had taken several hours to dilate the first 3 centimeters at which point I couldn’t take the pain anymore and asked for an epidural. 

My blood pressure kept going up and complicated things a bit. I had preeclampsia. At about 7 centimeters the pain kicked in again. Luckily, I reached 9 centimeters quite quickly after that. At this point the nurse began preparing for your arrival and I was asked to push. I pushed and pushed to no avail, you wouldn’t budge and my blood pressure continued to go up. Daddy left the room and cried because he couldn’t bear seeing mommy in pain and grandma was worried I wouldn’t make it. 

After an almost inhuman effort on my part the medical team finally decided I had had enough and that my cervix was still too thick: there was no way you would make your entrance into the world vaginally. I was finally scheduled for a C-Section but had to wait another hour and a half because the doctor was busy with another patient. After a while I was finally taken to the operating room. I received a second epidural and, after about 22 hours between labor and the C-Section, you were born. Grandma was in the operating room with me so she witnessed the whole thing.

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