Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy 2, I Love you!


Today you turn 2 months old and it's almost as if you know it. You woke up super excited today and in a very playful mood. You were kicking the heck out of your crib today because you woke up before everybody and no one had picked you up. After I took you to Lela's room you and I danced like crazy. It was hilarious!

Today was a big day for you not only because you turn 2 months, but because today you celebrate you first April Fool's and I fed you rice cereal. You loved the rice cereal. I wasn't convinced or too eager to introduce it so early but you are tired of milk. You gag, spit up and sometimes just refuse it altogether unless you are completely famished.

Now you are fast asleep in your swing and with good reason. I just hope you get your rest, you deserve it. I'll just sit here watching all the cute faces you make while you sleep and remembering all the memorable moments we've had thus far.    I love you mi kikotico hermoso. You are truly the best thing that's ever happened to mami.