Monday, March 26, 2012

No Milk Tonight!

Hey sweetie,

You surprised me yesterday: you slept through the night. You didn't cry for milk at all and I didn't notice until the next day when I woke up. You must have been very tired. I hope it happens again soon and that it becomes a habit.

***By the way, you sleep just like your granddaddy.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Here I come!!!

Hey Hun,

You're a little traveler! I don't know where you were planning on going but Daddy helped you take a few steps today. You loved it at first but soon became frustrated. You had already taken a few steps with me in front of the bathroom mirror at 2 weeks but I have no pictures of that. Grandma was there with us and she was laughing. I told a pediatrician about it (not your usual pediatrician) and she said it is a walking reflex and that it means your growing strong. So keep it up! :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm not crazy! I'm not imagining things!

3/8/2012—I was sitting in bed playing with you and I asked you, “Yadiel, what color are your eyes?”, to which you responded, “Lue.” You’re grandma kept telling you, you have blue eyes, keep in mind she has very bad eyesight.

3/13/2012—I was downstairs sitting on the couch with you in my arms and I offered you your pacifier to calm you down. You kept spitting it out so I grabbed it and said no bobo, no bobo thinking nothing of it. As I turned to place it on the side table you clearly said, “No”.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Trust You With My Life ...

Today Yadiel (my son) is one month old and I woke up to the most beautiful site any mother can behold: baby on daddy's chest and both fast asleep without a care in the world. It is amazing to me just how naive and trusting babies are. Perhaps that is what makes them all so perfectly beautiful. It amazed me just how deeply Yadiel was sleeping. It's as if he knew that he could trust his father not to let him fall no matter how hard or how much he moved. 

I am relieved to know that his trust extends to all his family members. As a new mother I worried very much about not being able to cater to his needs immediately. I was worried that he might somehow grow to resent me if I spent even a second away from him or if I let him cry. However, in the month I have spent with our little one, thus far, I have come to learn that, for the most part, he will only remember how much he is loved. It might seem simple enough but knowing that means the world to me. 

Happy one month Yadiel. Mommy loves you!!!